2018 Crops


2018 is the third year of the BC Seed Trials and we will continue working with leeks and carrots.

The leek list is below which is similar to the 2017 list with a few dropped varieties and a few new ones. The carrot variety list will be confirmed soon, but see the 2017 list to get an idea of the varieties we are working with.

Watch for 2017 BC Seed Trials trials crop reports coming soon!




Leek Curling Organic F1 (check) West Coast Seeds
Leek Bandit (check) Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Leek King Richard Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Leek Lancelot Fedco
Leek Giant Musselburgh Hawthorn Organic Seeds
Leek Verdonnet Adaptive Seeds
Leek German Winter leek Sunshine Seeds
Leek Hannibal (OG) William Dam Seeds
Leek Zermatt Park Seeds
Leek Prizetaker Seed Savers Exchange
Leek Durabel Salt Spring Seeds
Leek Melaton UBC Farm
Leek KingSieg Fedco
Leek Unique Leek Full Circle Seeds
Leek Belgium Breeder’s mix Wild Garden Seeds
Leek Ester Cook Siskiyou
Leek King Richard BCESC – Glorious Organics
Leek Linnea BCESC
Leek St-Victor BCESC – FC Seeds
Leek Blaugruner Winter Avano Uprising Seeds
Leek Mechelen Blue Green Winter (OG) Adaptive Seeds
Leek Runner F1 High Mowing Seeds
Leek Liege Giant Winter (OG) Adaptive Seeds
Leek Amercian Flag/Broad London Harold Steves
Leek Gladius F1 Osborne
Leek Keeper F1 Osborne
Leek Surfer F1 Osborne
Leek Ray DeVries 1 Ralph’s Greenhouse
Leek Delft Wild Garden Seeds
Leek Blue Solaise Wild Garden Seeds
Leek Tadorna High Mowing Seeds





Source Germ % Sowing*** –  Seeds/ft Certification Planted at
Bolero F1 Osborne 90



UBC + all farms
Dolciva High Mowing 80


Organic UBC + all farms
Scarlet Nantes High Mowing 84


Organic UBC + all farms
Nash’s Nantes – BC BC Eco Seed Co-op 82


Organic UBC + all farms
Muscade Gourmet International 85


Conventional UBC + all farms

Rumba – BCESC

BC Eco Seed Co-op



Organic UBC + ½ of farms
Nantes di Chioggia Seeds from Italy 65


Conventional UBC + ½ of farms
Touchon Vesey’s 83**


Conventional UBC + ½ of farms
Berlicumer Full Circle Seeds 83**


Organic UBC + ½ of farms
Nantes Prima Gourmet Seeds 83**


Conventional UBC + ½ of farms
Berlicumer Salt Spring Seeds 83**


Organic UBC + ½ of farms
Dan’s Nantes* Salt Spring Seeds 83**


Organic UBC + ½ of farms
Nash’s Nantes Nash Huber 83**


Organic UBC + ½ of farms

Rumba – Nash





UBC + ½ of farms

*Please note this is a different nantes than received from Salt Spring Seeds in 2017

** These varieties did not have germ rate listed and were given an average germ rate based on the rest of the varieties – not including Muscade and Nantes de Chioggia, which arrived later.

***The seeding rate given is based on each variety’s germination rate and a 20 seeds/foot reference to achieve “uniform” emergence among the varieties


Corno Peppers


Variety Source Type Certification
*Carmen (Check) Johnny’s F1 Organic
Bridge to Paris Hudson Valley Seed Company OP Organic
Karma Wild Garden Seeds OP Organic
Early Perfect Italian Wild Garden Seeds OP Organic
Escamillo Johnny’s OP Organic
Lively Yellow High Mowing Seeds OP Organic