2017 Crops

The 2017 BC Seed Trials are underway. Here is a summary of the 2017 crops while a detailed list of each variety can be found below.


2017 Crop Selection:

  1. Golden Beets
    • Amount: 6 – 8 varieties: a similar selection as 2016 with a few changes
    • Sowing: Grown as bunching beets as last year to be sown in early May (or your regular early beet sowing time) with late June to July harvest window
    • Expected plot size: Total of 12’ (3.7m) per variety, to be planted in single rows or multiple rows per bed such as 2 rows of 6’, 3 rows of 4’, etc.
  2. Nantes Carrots
    • Amount: 10 – 15 varieties
    • Sowing: Late June sowing to grow into winter
    • Expected plot size: TBD
  3. Fall/Winter Leeks
    • Amount: 8 – 12 varieties
    • Sowing: March seeding indoors for harvest into December and January
    • Expected plot size: 6′ of each variety (ideally 2 rows per bed = 24 leeks)
  4. Overwintering Spinach (in tunnels/greenhouses)
    • Amount: 8-12 varieties
    • Sowing: September sowing November and February evaluations
    • Expected plot size: ​8 ft (2.4m) total of each variety, can be planted as single rows or 2 in-bed rows of 4’
    • Note: This is a tentative trial which will be confirmed as the season progresses (4 crops may be a bit much!)

2017 Leek Variety List

Leek Curling Organic F1 West Coast Seeds
Leek Belton F1 (Check 1) Osborne
Leek Takrima F1, OG (Check 2) Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Leek Bandit (Check) Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Leek King Richard (Check) Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Leek Lancelot Fedco
Leek Siegfried Frost Leek (OG) Fedco
Leek Giant Musselbrugh Hawthorn Organic Seeds
Leek King Richard BCESC – Glorious Organics
Leek Verdonnet Adaptive Seeds
Leek St-Victor BCESC – FC Seeds
Leek Zermatt Park Seeds
Leek Prizetaker Seed Savers Exchange
Leek German Winter leek Sunshine Seeds
Leek Melaton UBC Farm
Leek Blaugruner Winter Avano Uprising Seeds
Leek Neptune Uprising Seeds
Leek Tadorna West Coast Seeds
Leek Autumn Giant WDS
Leek Hannibal (OG) WDS
Leek Liege Giant Winter (OG) Adaptive Seeds
Leek Belgium Breeder’s mix Wild Garden Seeds
Leek Bleu de Solaize Salt Spring Seeds
Leek Darcy’s Purple Leek Salt Spring Seeds
Leek Durabel Salt Spring Seeds
Leek Linnea Salt Spring Seeds
Leek Winter Green Salt Spring Seeds
Leek Atlanta Vitalis
Leek Axima Vitalis
Leek Mechelen Blue Green Winter (OG) Adaptive Seeds
Leek Runner F1 High Mowing Seeds
Leek Ray DeVries 1 Ralph’s Greenhouse
Leek Amercian Flag/Broad London Harold Steves


2017 Golden Beets Variety List

Golden Beet Touchstone Gold (Check) Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Golden Beet Yellow Sunrise Osborne
Golden Beet Boldor Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Golden Beet Golden Baker Creek
Golden Beet Badger Torch High Mowing
Golden Beet Yellow Sunrise Local Harvest
Golden Beet Burpee’s Golden Restoration Seeds
Golden Beet Golden Detroit Cottage Gardener


2017 Nantes Carrot Variety List

Carrot Bolero F1 (check) Osborne
Carrot Berlicum 2 Baker Creek
Carrot Kuroda Long 8 Baker Creek
Carrot Muscade Baker Creek
Carrot Rumba Fedco
Carrot Scarlet Keeper Fedco
Carrot Berlicumer Full Circle Seeds
Carrot Nantes Prima Gourmet Seeds
Carrot Dolciva High Mowing
Carrot Scarlet Nantes (check) High Mowing
Carrot Nash’s Nantes Elaine Spearing
Carrot Berlicumer Salt Spring Seeds
Carrot Nantes Salt Spring Seeds
Carrot Rodelika – Organic pelleted Territorial
Carrot Nantes di Chioggia Seeds from Italy
Carrot Garden Carrot Seeds of Change
Carrot Kuroda Chantenay Siskiyou Seeds
Carrot Touchon Vesey’s
Carrot Rhumba BCESC