Mobile Seed Trailer Update – 27 January 2019

Today we tested the Clipper! I happened to get some wheat seed form a grower in Chilliwack this week which was perfect timing for getting the Clipper running. The test runs are important for getting to know the machine and produce effective training manuals. It also helps us upgrade things in the Trailer to make sure farmers can use the machine efficiently and properly – this is important for long-term machine maintenance.

I also got a chance to clean out the machine which I was able to do in about 10 minutes – this is important for ensuring seed lots don’t contaminate each other when changing between seed types. Here are a few things I identified we will need to address during the process:

  • Prepare a quick reference list of the screens we have
  • Label screen well on two sides for easy identification and to ensure they are placed into the machine properly
  • Make some modifications to the seed catch area to keep things cleaner
  • Make up one-page reference sheets for proper screen changing – hang by the Clipper
  • Build holder for screens to make changing screens easy and quick
  • Build frame to test screens (to determine which screens to place in the Clipper

Here are a few videos and a few images!