2019 Crop Instructions


To start, you may want to check out this introductory webinar which provides an overview of the CANOVI project for 2019.


To learn more about SeedLinked, where we will record variety trial data, please see our latest webinar here (English) and here for French.


Here you will find crop instructions, in both French and English for 2019 crops. We will post them as they are available


Pepper Lists

2019 Corno Cultivars
Code Variety OP? Source Certification
PC-01 Joelene OP UBC Farm OG
PC-02 Carmen F1 Check Johnny’s Seeds OG
PC-06 Golden Treasure OP Salt Spring Seeds No
PC-07 Lively Yellow OP High Mowing OG
PC-08 Karma OP Wild Garden OG
PC-09 Early Perfect Italian OP Wild Garden OG
PC-10 Gypsy Queens OP Adaptive Seeds OG
PC-11 Stocky Golden Roaster OP Wild Garden OG
PC-12 Stocky Red Roaster OP Wild Garden OG
2019 Bell Cultivars
Code Variety OP? Source Certification
PB-04 Ace

F1 Check

Johnny’s No
PB-05 King of the North OP High Mowing OG
PB-06 Early Red Sweet OP Turtle Tree OG
PB-07 Peace Work OP Fruition OG
PB-08 Orange marmalade F1 Pan American No