Favourite Seed Packaging!


Over the past several months I have had the pleasure to order dozens of different seeds from seed companies all over North America. Just this past week we ordered our last seed requires for the trials – a lacinato kale seed from Italy.

It was suggested by John Navazio that if we were going to trial lacinato kale then we should be growing out a true Italian lacinato kale. So that is what we did.

Having ordered seeds from all over North America these past months I didn’t think much of placing one more order for kale seed. I ordered a larger amount of this seed than the other seeds – seemed if we were going to order this Italian seed we might as well order some extra.

The company, Seeds from Itatly, did not ship to Canada so I had to head across the border to pick up the seeds in Lynden, Washington. Of course, I had been expecting another paper seed package for these seeds – so imagine my surprise when I opened the package to find this very vintage looking metal container for the seeds.

Since we have much more seed than we will need for the trials, I think this tin and the remaining seeds will make a great raffle prize at one of our seed events!