Preparing for the 2017 BC Seed Trials

It has been a while since we have posted a BC Seed Trials update which means we have been hard at work!

Here is a quick update on our 2017 crop selection:


Golden Beets

  • Amount: 6 – 8 varieties: a similar selection as 2016 with a few changes
  • Sowing: Grown as bunching beets as last year to be sown in early May (or your regular early beet sowing time) with late June to July harvest window
  • Expected plot size: Total of 12’ (3.7m)/variety, planted in single rows or multiple rows per bed such as 2 rows of 6’, 3 rows of 4’, etc.


Nantes Carrots

  • Amount: 10 – 15 varieties
  • Sowing: Late June sowing to grow into winter
  • Expected plot size: TBD




Fall/Winter Leeks

  • Amount: 8 – 12 varieties
  • Sowing: March seeding indoors for harvest into December and January
  • Expected plot size: 6′ of each variety (ideally 2 rows per bed = 24 leeks)




Overwintering Spinach (in tunnels/greenhouses)

  • Amount: 8-12 varieties
  • Sowing: September sowing November and February evaluations
  • Expected plot size: ​8 ft (2.4m) total of each variety, can be planted as single rows or 2 in-bed rows of 4’
  • Note: This is a tentative trial which will be confirmed as the season progresses (4 crops may be a bit much!)

Over the past several weeks we have been ordering seed and have been receiving seed and seed catalogues in the mail every day! we now have most if our seed in hand and will soon be sending out leek seed to participants for early season planting.

Here is the collection of seeds and catalogues we have received so far!













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